Sunday, November 10, 2013

$18.00 for one Mojito. Hemingway would have been pissed!

Our weekend away. 

I have to start with, the kids didn't fight that much this weekend. I'm not sure why? They were actually a lot of fun this time. 

We started our adventure in Dorado. Dorado is a large resort area west of San Juan. We spent the night at a very nice hotel on the beach at a golf resort. I didn't get to play golf. This was a work related event. So after the work thing we drove east to the El Conquistador Hotel/Water park. offered a family weekend getaway for 64% off so that is what hooked us. This website offers tremendous discounts on just about everything in PR. We should have brought some food and drinks with us because a bottle of water started at $6.00 each. Ouch!! That 64% discount disappeared quickly. 
This resort is beautiful and offers a free ferry ride to an island with every water sport you can imagine. The food and drink prices still hurt but everyone agreed that this was a better vacation spot than Cancun.

We then took a day off from the water park and went hiking in El Yunque. I was surprised that the kids agreed to leave as they made a bunch of friends at the water park. El Yunque is a rainforest preserve in the mountains west of the resort. After hiking an incredibly steep mountain and fighting the slippery trails in the rain we arrived at a beautiful swimming spot under a waterfall. It was beautiful. 

We left there and had dinner on our way to our next adventure. 

We took a kayaking trip to the bio luminescent bay near Farado. That was worth every penny. Awesome trip and incredibly informative. This bio luminescent bay is one of five left in the world and is considered to be the best of those five. From there we walked to a local park and had dinner with one of the local vendors and listened to a local band. The Pinchos and tostones were amazing. And yes, the $3.00 street drinks are way better than the $18.00 mojitos at the hotel. 

If you have read any of the previous posts you will understand this, eat with street vendors and drink at the restaurants. But I'm thinking it's all better on the street. The locals have it all figured out. 

I have come to the conclusion that this is a true paradise. Living here is like no other place I have ever been. 

Don't be jealous. Someone has to live here. I wonder why we didn't move to the Caribbean sooner. 

I've got to go my $3.00 drink is here. 


  1. Hold on...have to add Gustazos to my travel bookmarks...ok, got it...thanks!

    Sounds like another marvelous adventure in paradise. Never knew about the waterpark, but am pleased to have discovered it.

    Your children are so blessed to have this experience at this stage in their development. Sounds like they've really acquired a go-with-the-flow attitude (wonder where they got that from, hmmm) and it's clear that they're enjoying just about every moment of the island. The four of you make a great team!

    Looking forward to your next post and thanks for the update.

  2. Gustazos also has an English version. In the upper right corner in super small print click on the word English. It's really small.

  3. Hey guys! Love your pics and stories. Liam is such a character. So glad we have met you and you are having as much fun as we are. Hope to have dinner again soon! We will have to check out Gustazo's as well. Thanks for the tip

  4. Hi-I am in us, and i am looking to relocate myself, and two boys...i was looking at your blog for info on how that process is achieved...where to to get info etc... could you share how you did it?

    1. Email me at
      I would love to provide some advice.