Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Perfect Drink!


It looks like we have almost successfully completed our first year in the Caribbean. I will admit it has not been easy. The weather is sunny. The temperatures are always hot. The beaches are not crowded and the water is always just right. It’s been tough!!!


My favorite part of our Caribbean adventure is the search for that perfect Mojito.


Someone has to do it, right? Below is a recipe for our favorite.


Alaska2pr Mojito


·         Pineapple Flavored Rum (1 ½ oz) or any flavored rum.

·         Mint leaves (usually 12-15 leaves per glass)

·         (2) Limes cut into wedges then mulled with the mint leaves and cane sugar

·         Cane sugar (1/2 tablespoon or more)

·         Club soda (1/2 cup)

·         Ice (1 cup)

·         A dash of maraschino cherry juice and a few cherries.


Shake this to death!! Then pour over ice into a cored pineapple. Gosh, this is freakin GREAT!!! We stole the above recipe from the Bacardi Distillery and modified it a little bit.


Here are few interesting places for Mojitos. I am sure I will find even more amazing Mojito spots on this island. These are worth a visit and maybe a bite to eat. 


El Varadero Grill, Fajardo, PR                             ***** (5 stars)                     $$$

Mahi Mahi, Anesco, PR                                       ***** (5 stars)                     $$$

Try them all, the Green Hornet is amazing!


Bacardi Distillery, Catano, PR                             ***** (5 stars)                     $$$

Pica Pica, Boqueron, PR                                      **** (4 stars)                       $$$

Villa Cofressi, Rincon, PR                                    *** (3 stars)                          $$$

This place is famous for its coconut rum drinks not Mojitos.


Royal Isabella, Isabella, PR                                  *** (3 stars)                          $$$$$$

This place is very exclusive and the Mojitos are made with Gin instead of Rum.


El Conquistador, Fajardo, PR                              ***** (3 stars)              $$$$$$$$$$$$

Restaurant Hacienda, Mayaguez, PR                ***** (2 stars)                     $$$

Authentic Puerto Rican Cuisine


The search continues……….





  1. Thanks for the recipe! We love mojitos...Tamboo Bar in Rincon has very good Mojitos...must try the Mahi Mahi in Añasco...never been....

  2. Just wanted to say hello and wish your family the best we are also from Alaska and are looking at possibly moving South any info would be great, We are selling our business this fall and looking to move next spring after the girls graduate Highschool. Capt Charlie