Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 15:

Day 15:
We woke up early and headed to Rincon. The kids had another Scuba Class. We dropped them off and walked around downtown Rincon. The farmers market was going strong and full of veggies and cool hand made crafts. Rincon is a beautiful little surfing town with cool little tourist traps and awesome surf shops. 

Christine from Texas shared the lyrics of a Beach Boys song with me today. Her mom is in the Surfing Hall of Fame.

Surfing Safari, by the Beach Boys
"Lets go surfing now
Everybody's learning how
Come on and safari with me."
Huntington and Malibu they're shooting the pier. At RINCON they are walking the nose.

How cool is that? Rincon is in a Beach Boys song. 

After the scuba class the kids walked over to Lucky 13 for lunch. Everything in Rincon is kind of Granola. Remember those hairy legged girls with Birkenstocks from college? Yep, this is where the ended up. 

We then headed back to Mayaguez to get the radio fixed in the truck. We thought, drop off the truck and go see a movie. Then like magic the truck would ready. Nope!! The radio guy didn't show up for work today. It was his forth day in a row. I really think no one works in Puerto Rico. We went to the movie anyway and saw "Now you see it.". Great movie with a cool twist at the end. 

After the movies the girls wanted to go to the mall. I really thought I was smart about this one and said, sure... We arrived at the mall just after 6:30. I knew the mall closed at 7:00 on Sunday. I kept thinking, gosh, I'm a genius. How much money can they spend in less than thirty mins?? 

Don't ever ask yourself that question!!!

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