Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 1:

Day One:
Well, we are here, it was a really long day. We arrived at 2:00 am and rented a mini van. That was fun putting everything in it. Kids were great. We drove around all night going to all the ocean towns on our way to  Cabo Rojo. Weather was hot and muggy. We saw festivals in every town with Bouqueron having the largest. 
The city of Cabo Rojo has a beautiful church with cobble stone streets all around it. The buildings are all New Orleans type architecture with wrought iron porches and bright colors. The churches are more like cathedrals in every town. It is very beautiful. We made it to the banana plantation (not coffee, my mistake) at 9:00 am and had a fantastic tour of the rain forest. This was by far the coolest place to stay. plus the price is awesome. Then we took showers and fell asleep for five hours. We woke and drove as far north as we could and stopped at a beach called crash boat. There we saw many people wearing bathing suits that really shouldn't be. 
We then headed south to find somewhere to eat dinner. Believe it or not we ended up at Applebee's 
Service was the slowest we have ever had. But I hear I better get used to that? 
Puerto Rico is exciting and scary. It seems a little above a third world culture. 
But I think we will be fine? And It's only the first day?

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