Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 2:

Day two:
Well another adventure or instruction in patience? We woke early and drove over to SAMs Club. That store had everything from swimming pools to 
Paella. It so different from a SAMs club in the lower 48. We then went to a coffee shop. Coffee is served in very small cups and extremely HOT! You have to ask for black coffee because they will make it with cream and sugar automatically. We then went snorkeling in Rincon and watched a thunderstorm roll by. We also signed the kids up for scuba lessons starting Thursday. 
We had another lesson in being prepared as Berkley needed something that required us to find a store really fast. Nothing is fast in Puerto Rico. That adventure took us on a 45 min frustrating journey.  
We ate lunch at a sea side restaurant that really relied on its view to survive. The food and service was horrible. I understand why Puerto Rico has so many street vendors. Stay away from restaurants and eat at the street vendors. We also saw something really gross, iguana on a stick. 
I'm not ready to try that. Oh, we have a lizard in our bathroom. His name is Pedro.
The house hunting is kind of slow as realtors don't call you back. I really don't know how people make money here?

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